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United Rentals

Sudbury, Ontario

5000sf metal roof, leaking in many places. Several patches put in and sprayed 75 mils (1.9mm) of a self priming, UV resistant, roofing Polyurea.

Metal roof sudbury ontario polyurea rust
Elliot Lake metal roof polyurea roofing

City of Elliot Lake

Elliot Lake, Ont

6000sf metal roof that was leaking around vents and along front edge at screw holes. Loose screws were tightened and roof was coated with 75mils (1.9mm) of UV resistant roofing Polyurea


Horse Trailer

Horse trailer had several large holes in body due to rust. Holes were patched, windows masked and a self priming UV resistant polyurea was sprayed at 80 mils and textured for matte finish.

Horse trailer coated polyurea Garson Ontario

Deck Coating

Customer had a small deck to be waterproofed and textured to prevent rain from falling below and adding a long lasting coating that will not need touch-ups for 30+ years

Deck waterfront polyurea Wahnapitae Ontario

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