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Lasts longer than tar and chip, and HDPE

More puncture resistant than HDPE

Less labor than both tar and chip and HDPE

Lower cost vs replacing tin roof, tar and stone as well as membrane roofing


  • Increased insulation property (R6.7/inch)

  • Decreased hydro/electric costs

  • Improved structural strength

  • Sustainable/environmentally superior

  • Seem-free application

  • Puncture and wear resistant

  • Heat, cold and acid rain resistant

  • Leak free A/C and Vent sealing

  • Seamless repair

  • Improves structural integrity


Foam base coat - improved insulation

 Reflective Top Coad

• Reduced heat transfer

• Decreased summer energy costs

Textured surface

• Added slip resistance


• Flame Retardant

Environmental impact



  • Eliminates environmental tar waste

  • Non-toxic and VOC-free application

  • Improved insulation results in lower energy usage



Polyurea in


Polyurea is a cutting-edge approach to re-coating flat roofs and repairing steel roofs . Tar roofs are a very old technology and are not only worse for the environment, have a very short life span, and are much costlier to replace. Polyurea is can be a great option for metal roof structures as well since the metal sheeting also does not need to be replaced, spray foam can be added for increased insulation and improved structural integrity, polyurea outlasts metal sheeting, and it is more economical than replacing the metal sheeting.

Polyurea is a coating produced from a two-part solution that creates a barrier that can be used in many applications. A Polyurea coating as thin as 1.5mm can provide incredible protection from all conditions. Due to its wear resistant quality, it proves as a reliable long-term solution for flat roof waterproofing. Polyurea also sets in under about 7 seconds, making it a great option even in high humidity environments ensuring superior bonding to surfaces.

We are professional coatings specialists that are dedicated to delivering a water tight roof that will last decades and save you money.


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