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Polyurea in Mining



• CIL and CIP Tanks
• Tailings and Holding Ponds
• Secondary Containment
• Potable Water and Fuel Tanks
• Roofing – Flat and metal roofs 

Image by Curioso Photography

Wear Applications

Corrosion Applications

• Drain Towers

• Chemical/Acid Resistant

• Shaft Guides

• Shaft Brackets

• Ventilation solutions

• Substrate protection

• Rock Shutes
• Skip Curtai
• Floor Coating
• Non-Slip

• Deflector Guards

• Rolling Rock Support

underground mining

Mining has a lot of very harsh environments from highly corrosive ground water eating away at underground steel structures, chutes that handle a high wear environment, to highly acidic and corrosive tailings that can leak into and contaminate the surrounding environment.

As industrial coatings specialists, we use polyurea as a highly resistant barrier that can be applied to a large variety of surfaces. Since it is a spray on application, it can be contoured on almost any surface to provide complete protection.

The use of polyurea can be a tremendous cost saving measure, by reducing downtime, regular maintenance due to corrosion, reduce fines from environmental spills, and improve efficiency overall.

Image by Ricardo Gomez Angel

Extend the life of structures and equipment

Decrease maintenance time and costs
• Improve Environmental compliance and prevent spills
• Fire proof (upon request)
• Waterproof and Seamless
Puncture resistant (over 4000PSI)
• Heat resistant (over 220C)
• Cold resistant (under -100C)
• Chemical and Acid resistant

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