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Seamless protection from Northern Ontario's harshest conditions, Guaranteed!



Polyurea is a technology emerging as a leading protective coating with multiple applications from mining, refining, containment, roofing, and many others. It's unique properties allow it to stand up to some of the harshest environments.

Polyurea's unique properties allow it to stretch, freeze, heat, and be heavily worn on without disrupting the structure at the molecular level ensuring it continues to protect for decades.

From reducing hazardous waste in tar roofing to maintaining the waterproof barrier in holding tanks and tailing ponds, Polyurea ensures reduces environmental impact of many current practices.

Features of Polyurea

  • Abrasion/corrosion resistant:

    • Abrasion resistant – used in industrial applications as a wear resistant layer

    • UV resistant – can resist sun damage for more than 30 years

    • Waterproof – due to its wear resistant nature it can remain waterproof for 20 years or more

    • Puncture resistant – can resist up to over 4000PSI (ice fall, foot traffic, etc)

    • Heat resistant – stable up to 120Deg C

    • Cold resistant – holds up beyond -100Deg C

    • Chemical resistant – including acidity in rain, it will not break down

  • Environmentally Superior

    • spraying over tar roof decreases the amount of tar going into landfill sites

    • NO VOC coating does not off-gas toxic fumes (Cures in under 10 seconds)

    • Improved insulation decreases energy costs in summer and winter

  • Water-tight bonding to surfaces – when properly prepped, edges are watertight and will not leak – Around Vents, AC units etc.


  • Lower cost – decreased labour costs of removing the tar from the previous application


  • Light weight – 2mm coating provides full protection


  • Repairs are seamless and as strong as original application


About Us

Our Team

Vern Cameron


Dean Cameron

General Manager

NACE Level 2 Inspector

Brent Cameron

Director of Sales and Marketing

Darren McGillis


Gilles Villeneuve


Stanley McGillis

Technical Applicator


Eight years ago, we started on this journey to help the mining industry with corrosion and wear issues, and have since found successful applications in roofing, waterproofing and sealing, and we've found superior solutions to help expand our offering in the mining sector as well. We want to continue to innovate while reducing the environmental impact of each of these industries.


We are working to disrupt an industry with a technology that is not only better for the environment, will last longer than any current solution, have a greater versatility of applications, but is also more cost efficient to you. At the cutting edge of protective coatings, Corrosion Armor is dedicated to ensuring the best coverage and protection for any application you have.


Polyurea is a cutting edge technology where a spray on polymer can be applied to a surface for the purpose of waterproofing, containment, wear resistance, and corrosion resistance. This monolithic barrier bonds to the surface, and protects what it is applied to, from metal, concrete, wood, or even landscaping cloth in protecting the environment.


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